Gaius Cicereius+

What is Gaius Cicereius+?

Commonly known as "Gaius Plus", offers a range of additional features such as Reaction Roles, Extreme logging etc. Not only that the bot has a dedicated server running it to ensure the highest uptime and fastest response times possible.

Communities commonly subscribe to Plus that require a dedicated solution with the fastest and latest we have to offer. 

Core Features

Everything Gaius Cicereius offers and more...

Migrating? No problem!

If your community already uses the standard Gaius Cicereius, your settings will transfer over upon inviting the bot after authorization. 

There's no reason for you to have to redo everything, all you need to do is set up the new features you want rather than a complete redo!


$3/month minimum

Status: Online
Servers: 200+
Shards: 2
Coded with: Node.js
Library: Discord.js
Hosting Provider: Scaleway

Featured Plus Community

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