Gaius Plus

Built for those requiring dedicated service and extremely fast response time every second of everyday.






You get the following additional features

Create reaction roles on your messages or bot generated ones.

Utilize the system to add, remove and switch roles from users instantly.

Get all out audit log style records posted into channels of your choice.

  • Member joins
  • Member leaves
  • Member updates
  • Username changes
  • Avatar changes
  • Joining a voice chat
  • Leaving a voice chat
  • Changing a voice chat
  • Deleted messages
  • Bulk message deletions
  • Role updates
  • Role deletions
  • Channel creations
  • Channel deletions
  • Channel updates

Created unlimited gates for users to meet the requirements of.

Great for communities who need you to have like three different social media accounts and even a specific game to join the server.

Take your automated panic system into your own hands with full customization open to you for auto panic.

Got multiple premium servers you want bans to be sync’d on?

Utilize BanSync to maintain a shared ban system across multiple servers of yours instantly.

Experiencing a fairly huge attack? Utilize Freeze to completely freeze your server in its tracks till your staff team can handle the situation.

Security and Reliability

Only the best and most stable feature set alongside dedicated hardware so it never misses a beat.

World of Tanks EU

How World of Tanks EU uses Gaius Cicereius to keep their community safe.