Security Hub

Dedicated to security

Gaius Cicereius and Gaius Plus are both dedicated to security. We've taken the time to develop modern solutions to old and new threats on Discord. From bots DM'n porn site links to spamming your channels and posting NSFW. 

We were the first bot to publicly make available, NSFW image scanning. You shouldn't have to worry about NSFW in your community, it's not good for the mind.

Security Features

And more soon...

Messaging Safety

Gaius Mandatory Filters help protect hundreds of thousands of users every day by deleting and showing warnings to users when they attempt to post dangerous sites or simple chainmail.

Monitoring communities around the world and always keeping them safe every minute of the day from known harmful domains, spam chainmail and much more.


Whether you're a Verified, Partnered or just a normal community on Discord you have a set of rules to comply by. This ranges from the standard Terms of Service and Guidelines to Code of Conducts and more.

We provide pre-made comprehensive template filters that make your life easier with one command. We're also testing a new COPPA compliance feature for communities that need extra protection to protect themselves in that area.

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