Security Hub

Gaius has at times, too many features related to security.
And so we've created this brief hub to help you learn about it all.

Most Popular

Global Filters

Constantly updated filters designed to keep out phishing, harmful links and more that actually do come up on Discord.

Image Scanning

Stop worrying about NSFW image spam, Gaius auto detects and removes NSFW.

Global Bans

We auto block malicious users ranging from raiders, phishers, userbots and much more to keep you safe.

Other Core Features

Standard Mod Tools

All the must-have tools your staff need to moderate your communities from ban, warn, mutes and more.

Advanced Anti-Spam

Configurable all around our anti-spam system offers an arsenal of settings to keep you safe.

Variety of Filters

We offer pre-made category word, URL, invite and more filters that are one step commands to enable and disable.

VC Mod Tools

From mass moving people to kicking and muting. We offer commands for your staff to do it easily.

Freeze & Thaw

Freeze your entire server in the event of a large-scale attack and thaw it when everything has been taken care of.

Channel Lock

Lock a channel from use and unlock it later.

Panic & Auto Panic

Automatically mute new users on join. And automatically turn on Panic Mode when a mass threat is detected.

Join Age

Automatically kick, ban and mute accounts that join under X days old.


Have new users that join go through a verification process before they can access your server.

And much more....

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