Gaius Cicereius

Instant content moderation

Gaius offers a number of automated solutions to manage the content in your community. From detecting and removing NSFW to unwanted content with pre-made filters

Our filters are made to help your community remain in compliance with Discords Guidelines, Terms of Service and other various Code of Conducts. Our Global Ban system is also the most accurate on the market keeping thousands of malicious users and spam accounts away.

Moderation can be a draining task due to the workload and content that needs to be handled, why not offload that to an automated solution and enjoy more time with your community more.

Core Features

And much more...



Status: Online
Servers: Gaius Cicereius
Shards: 7
Coded with: Node.js
Library: Discord.js
Hosting Provider: Scaleway

One time fast setup

We've designed Gaius to be a one-time setup, you shouldn't have to deal with tuning a bot constantly. If you're using our template filters we update and tune them to have the least impact on your community as possible. Whenever Discord changes their rules for text content we update the template filters accordingly so you don't have to worry.

Active Development

We regularly push updates and new features to ensure we're offering modern solutions that work.

A lot of new features we've implemented have been community suggested and driven which we added to ensure more communities can be fully equipped for everything they come across.

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