Gaius Cicereius

Whether your community is early in its journey or well on its way to becoming a booming hub, our Gaius solutions can help you move forward to success.






We offer NSFW detection on top of Discords explicit content filter to help keep your community family.

We offer every standard tool a moderation team needs on Discord

  • Issue bans, tempbans, kicks and mutes via bot
  • Issue/pardon/purge warns easily
  • Import bulk warns.
  • Auto execute bans/kicks/mute when users reach X amount of warns
  • Auto pardon and purge warns after X days for forgiveness systems
  • Pull up users warn lists easily

From muting to kicking and bulk moving users in voice chat we make it easily possible via bot command.

We offer a number of utility commands to help moderators do their job

  • User info commands
  • Bulk message deletion
  • Slowmode
  • Channel locks
  • Server freeze & thaw
  • Slowmode
  • Panic mode

For those who like to keep things well sorted, you can setup every log type to go into specific channels.

Require new user who join your community to be over X days old and even require a custom profile picture.

Setup a comprehensive fine tuned anti-spam system that’s suitable to your community needs.

You can also setup a custom strike system to automatically execute bans/kicks/warns/mutes at different levels of total violation.

Right beside you every step of the way

We understand the needs of Discord communities from fledgeling groups to bustling hubs, offering robust solutions built to scale with you at any size.

/r/Akame Ga Kill

How /r/Akame Ga Kill uses Gaius Cicereius to keep their community safe.