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NSFW images blocked


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community types.

Providing security, utilities and fun features

your community will enjoy on Discord.


Designed for your community, completely free of charge.

Advanced Security Tools

From image scanning to text filtering, verification and automated defenses we provide them all free of charge and easy to understand.

Support Resources

Join the official Discord Server to get help from a live person. You can also find fast information online in from our Wiki.

Easy Data Migration

If you're already using Gaius and upgrade to Plus, your settings will transfer instantly between bots so you don't have to redo all your hard work.

Active Development Team

We're always working on Gaius fixing, adding and creating new tools for our users to further improve their experience on Discord.

Dedicated Servers

With dedicated hardware backing Gaius we provide constant uptime so your community can stay protected 24/7 without failure.

Various Utilities

From custom commands to role management and welcomes, Gaius has a variety of modules available for you to utilize.


Chosen by thousands of communities from small servers

to massive games, companies and content creators.


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