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We provide security features that meet Discords standards and compliance guidelines free to the world.

From premade template filters to NSFW image detection and removal, we're the fastest solution for protecting communities on Discord.

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"As a Partnered community with fourty-five thousand users we need help to stay within Discords standards and maintain a healthy community. We use Gaius Cicereius to detect and block harmful and inappropriate text and NSFW images. Gaius scales to our needs and ensures we're always safe against the latest threats."

Discord Partner, owner of My Hero Academia Official.

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Our Services

Gaius Cicereius Gaius Cicereius

Our primary free bot specializing in security features while offering standard utility tools needed for communities.

Gaius Play Gaius Cicereius

Our social engagement bot offering leveling, games, animal pictures and more to reward and encourage activity.

Gaius Plus Gaius Cicereius

Our patreon bot that offers additional features ontop of Gaius Cicereius to further automate and secure your community.

Why use Gaius?


Everything Gaius does on your community can be recorded locally to a channel and even split by type so you always know what's happening.

Speed and reliability.

With an average ping of 22ms and dedicated backend hardware, we won't leave you hanging with unplanned long service interruptions.

Extensive infrastructure

With multi-tiered security filtering and dedicated infrastructure we respond to threats and actively adapt to them, 24/7.

Server modernization

Ensure your community is upto par with modern threats on Discord and capeable of scaling to your needs.


We offer a number of utilities designed to automate your server. Auto roles, welcomes, warns and so much more.

NSFW detection

Automatically detect NSFW and remove it from your community using Gaius. Maintaining a safe and appropriate enviroment at all times.


A lot of our utilities are designed to work together and rely on eachother if needed to build customized enviroments for you.


Require users to own specific games, have an old enough YouTube account, minimum reddit karma and much more!


Utilize our tools to make handling events easier, from command and reaction roles to suggest/report commands and more.

Auto Punishments

Execute automated warns, bans, kicks and mutes depending on violation. Escalate and automatically handle issue users with ease.


Reward users for participating in chat with leveling, games, dictionary lookups and cute cat pictures with many more animals available!

Upgraded Leveling

Looking to create an extensive tree system for users to work through and decide roles and paths they want? We got you with Tree Leveling.

And so much more...

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