About us

World of Tanks Europe is the official Discord server for the World of Tanks EU community.


Ever since our beginning in 2016, we have taken great care and pride in how we run our community. After three years of development and growth, in 2019 our efforts were recognised by Wargaming and we became official. With this, it was decided the server would still be community-run as it previously was, something people have always appreciated (and still do!) about our server.


We now work closely with Wargaming EU to maintain and grow their Discord presence for World of Tanks, providing a place for 48,000 members and counting to discuss the game and other topics related to tanks and tank warfare.

What does Gaius do for us?

Gaius Plus is, simply put, our most important moderation tool. The various utilities such as the extreme logging, warning and anti-spam modules (to name a few) are extremely useful, and they really help us in our day to day work of providing a positive, clean and seamless user experience for our members.


As a result of Gaius’s utilities and automation factors, we can maintain a staff/user ratio of over 1:2800 while still having lots of moderation capacity available for growth, as well as peak or surge times, e.g. when people get home from work or when game servers go down.


It is very important for us to have a strong and reliable moderation bot, especially given our somewhat unique position in representing a leading games development company on Discord: any significant lapse in moderation capacity simply isn’t acceptable. Things can go wrong though, and when they do, the helper team and developers are responsive and work hard to fix whatever issues may arise.


We are proud to be able to use Gaius and we’re happy with the results, so much so that some of the server moderators also use the bot in their servers.


Overall, Gaius is an incredibly competent package that performs to our needs, with great support for when things do go wrong. We are proud to be supporters of the project. It’s great value for money, whether you use Blue, Pink or Plus, and we have no regrets about our decision to make it our primary moderation bot.

World of Tanks EU

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