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We're the official server for the series My Hero Academia which is a superhero manga series written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. With an active welcoming community, we overflow with an amazing environment free from toxic and NSFW content. We give out award roles to talented users and host events and more regularly.

What does Gaius do for our community?

Gaius Plus does a majority of our auto-moderation. Filtering NSFW, Pirating domains, inappropriate/offensive text and handling spam. 

We also use Gaius Play for tree levelling which allows our community to level up and choose their role paths. Currently, we have 6 paths people can choose from and level through!

Occasionally we'll be targetted by a random group where they join and spam the channels, usually, they wait till most of the staff are offline or busy. When it happens Gaius automatically initiates auto-panic which mutes them on join and anti-spam handles the rest with auto punishments.

No matter the time of day Gaius keeps our community safe and functional!

Tommyfoxy2, Owner


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Genres: Anime, Social
Gaius Bots: Gaius Plus, Gaius Play

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