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FN Pro League is the hub of competitive Fortnite. Hosting competitions with thousands of dollars in prizes and has three leagues for its community to participate in.

What does Gaius do for FNPL?

Gaius Plus does a majority of the auto-moderation for FN Pro League. Filtering NSFW, Pirating domains, inappropriate/offensive text and handling spam. 

With over thirty thousand auto-mod violations monthly they need an auto-mod that can handle huge volumes of content instantly and constantly with no delay. 

Every minute 2-5 violations at least happen, every single day. This ranges from prohibited text to cross channel duplicate messages. Due to community design and userbase, common anti-spam defences are not viable. When raiders and bots join Gaius employs a number of automated procedures to handle them accordingly.


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Genres: Gaming, ESports, Social
Gaius Bots: Gaius Plus

Handling the FNLP network

When FN Pro League first added the bot and joined our Verified Program we were ecstatic, a massive network! 

We expected a lot of things needed to change and boy were we right. Right away we had issues handling the amount of content they were pushing through the system and nearly crashed the system several times over the course of a few months.

As time went on we kept refining our systems and even gave them their own shard on Gaius Plus to keep them from bringing down the other communities on Plus in the event they sustained a massive load of users in chat at once which happens regularly.

Now all our bots are more than capable of handling massive communities such as FNPL with ease and we continue to make upgrades to our bots even more.

Tommyfoxy2 - Gaius PR

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