Verification Program

Let us know you're official and we'll make sure you're ready for the public eye


We've developed an arsenal of automated defenses to keep massive communities safe 24/7

From bot armies, malicious text/URL messages, NSFW images and more we got you covered so you don't have to worry.


We'll help setup Gaius and make sure your server is up to par with today's standards for Discord communities around the globe.

Great for communities new to Discord that want to stay up to speed with the latest generation.


Verified servers subscribed to our Patreon get access to Gaius+ which is hosted on a dedicated server that boasts 99% uptime.

On top of that, they get multiple additional features as their disposal!

Featured Verified Servers

Official Game Hub

D.R.O.N.E. Official

Community driven sci-fi multiplayer arena shooter, focused on creativity and gameplay. Compete in tournaments with custom drones and arenas.

Members: 3600+


Boku no Hero Academia Wiki

The official wiki for all things Boku No Hero Academia with an amazing community growing every day.

Members: 8600+


Camp Camp Wiki Wikia

The wiki all about Rooster Teeth's animated show Camp Camp and all its dysfunctional glory.

Campe diem!

Members: 600+


Who can apply?

We're looking for servers primarily in these categories:

 ■  Content creators 
 ■  Wikis
 ■  Subreddits
 ■  Organizations/Companies
 ■  Publishers
 ■  Game studios

These communities must also abide by Discords Community Guidelines.

What about community-led servers?

Unfortunately, we won’t be verifying community led servers unless they're Wikis. Even then it's up to our sole discretion whether or not we accept them.

I have a question. Who do I contact?

Contact Tommyfoxy2#0001 on Discord. Optionally join our official Discord and tag Tommy with your question or DM him from there.

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