Gaius Cicereius

Verification Program

Let us know you're official and we'll lend you a helping hand.

Featured Verified Servers

Why should I apply?

Great question, here are 3 reasons why you'll be interested!

Top-Tier Security

We've developed an arsenal of automated defenses to keep communities of all sizes safe 24/7 all over the world.

From bot armies, malicious text/URLĀ messages, NSFW images and more we got you covered so you don't have to worry.

A Helping Hand

We'll help setup Gaius and make sure your server is up to par with today's standards for Discord communities around the globe.

Great for communities new to Discord that want to stay up to speed with the latest generation.

We'll even review your server for any security issues and bad practices etc!

Dedicated Server

Verified servers subscribed to our Patreon get access to Gaius+ and Tree Leveling on our bot Gaius Play both of which are hosted on a dedicated server that boasts 99% uptime.

On top of that, they get multiple additional features at their disposal!

Ready to join the program?