Trust & security

Gaius Cicereius latest security tech, dedicated infrastructure, and dedication to innovate will help keep your community secure and compliant.



Meet official requirements

Gaius can help to ensure your community is always upto date with the latest security standards and requirements on Discord for regular, partnered and verified communities. From scanning for NSFW images, domains, and text to COPPA compliance (Early Closed Alpha).

We're always adapting to the latest threats and adapting our tech to meet your ideas, needs and more.

Setup & Review

Peer review to ensure you're up to date.

We offer verified communities the chance to have us in some cases setup your community server. If you already have one going we can give you a review of it going over aesthetics, usability, user-friendliness, compliance and more. 

With years of experience, we've worked with a wide variety of community types and themes, we're sure we can help you make your community a success.

FN Pro League

240,000+ users

FN Pro League uses Gaius to keep their community moderated 24/7 so they can focus on the next generation of pro gamers.

From filtering spam to malicious links, raids and more. With over 240k+ users you either have a huge mod team or good automod, the latter was the more cost-effective choice for them.

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Easy Data Migration

If you're already using Gaius and upgrade to Plus, your settings will transfer instantly between bots so you don't have to redo all your hard work.

Support Line

Once accepted you'll receive a special role in our Discord Server which gives you a direct line of contact with the Dev team.

Additional Help

From setting up your server to reviewing your current setup and suggesting improvements and more, we're here to help your community.

Dedicated Servers

Four powerful servers

Currently, we use three dedicated servers, for each of our public bots. Additionally, we have a fourth dedicated server for handling the databases.

As our user base grows we've expanded our server lineup and upgraded to meet demands.  

We ensure high uptime 24/7 so your community isn't left to fend for itself. With up to 500Mbit/s connection speeds to our servers, we provide instantaneous response times. 


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FN Pro League - NA
249,000+ Users

ESports, Discord Verified

Participate in our daily matches or our monthly league.

We're proud to support Fortnite and its Pro scene.

FNPL Console Scrims
220,000+ Users


Participate in our daily matches or our monthly league.

We're proud to support Fortnite and its Pro scene on Console.

Atlantis Scrims
190,000+ Users

ESports, Discord Verified

Participate in our daily matches or our monthly league.

We're proud to support Fortnite and its Pro scene.

FN Player League - EU
175,000+ Users


Participate in our daily matches or our monthly league.

We're proud to support Fortnite and its Pro scene.

91,000+ Users

Content Creator, Discord Partner

W-Gang is the official discord server for twitch streamer and content creator TSM_Daequan

World War 3
23,000+ Users

Game Hub, Discord Verified

Multiplayer military FPS set in a modern, global conflict. Experience true tactical combat in the global struggle where every battle counts.

Test Squadron
22,000+ Users

Gaming, Social, Discord Partnered

An open and casual gaming community which got its start from Star Citizen!
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My Hero Academia
21,000+ Users

Anime, Wikia, Discord Partner

The official server for My Hero Academia filled with an amazing community with artists, musicians, streams and more!

Clash FR
20,000+ Users

Game Hub, Discord Partner

Hub for the French community of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

Partnered with Supercell.

Banana Gaming
12,000+ Users

Content Creator, Discord Partner

We are a fast growing community with a lot of discussions on almost every subject, not only gaming or cs.

9800+ Users

Subreddit, Gaming, Discord Partnered

Four million battles every day. One Shadowverse. Japan's #1 strategic card game. Made by card gamers for card gamers.

8,700+ Users

Crypto, Discord Partner

Vertcoin is one of the oldest and most decentralized cryptocurrencies out there. 

Subterraneo dos Mentecaptos
7400+ Users

Content Creator, Discord Partnered

We provide game reviews and news about free games.

The Haven
4300+ Users

Mental Health Non-Profit

Aiming to gift funds to people in need of mental healthcare, especially those who cannot receive prompt care.

D.R.O.N.E. Official
4100+ Users

Game Hub, Discord Verified

Community-driven sci-fi multiplayer arena shooter focused on creativity, gameplay, custom drones, arenas and much more.

3000+ Users

Game Hub, Discord Verified

Bannermen is a real-time strategy game that takes you back to a time where power lies with the person who carries the sword.

2700+ Users

Subreddit, Discord Partner

The place for all free things
Plus giveaways!

Qanga | iolaCorp
2000+ Users

Game Hub

Qanga is an online Sandbox Battle Royale Survival game in which you play as a Cyborg. They test you to repopulate the devastated lands of the planet!

Mankind Reborn
1000+ Users

Game Hub

A cyberpunk first and third-person MMO set in the near future in which eight player-run factions are locked in endless galactic strife of commerce, intrigue, and warfare...

PPSSPP - PSP emulator
600+ Users

Emulator, Organization

Community for users of PPSSPP, the leading PSP emulator for Android and PC

Cold Comfort
900+ Users

Game Hub, Discord Verified

An asymmetrical competitive 5v5 PvP horror survival game that is set in the immediate aftermath of the zombie apocalypse.

Whitepot Studios
330+ Users

Game Hub, Discord Verified

Whitepot Studios is an indie game dev studio in Northern Ireland, and we want to turn our wee community into a kickass, welcoming, global community

Little Witch Academia Wiki
300+ Users

Anime, Wikia

An area where the witches can have fun conversations and enjoy talking to fellow witches all over the world every day.
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Krypton Networks
240+ Users

Web Hosting Company

Krypton Networks is a game and web hosting company that primarily specializes in hosting for source games. This currently includes Garry's Mod and CS:GO.

150+ Users

Streaming Platform

Verond is a video streaming platform in the making.


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