Gaius Plus

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Servers: 250+

Released: Sept 2, 2018

Verified Program

Run a Discord verified or partnered server? We offer a number of features catered to keeping your community compliant with Discord.

Why Gaius Plus

Commonly known as “Plus”, is essentially an upgraded version of Gaius Cicereius (Blue).

On its own dedicated server, it’s essentially a super stable version with significantly less risk of downtime compared to Blue. We put it together primarily for paying consumers ranging from content creators and more to companies that cannot risk having downtime.

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What does Gaius offer?

Auto Panic

Automatically mute new users who join in suspecious bulk. Designed for raid prevention and containment.

Reaction Roles

Assign, Remove, Switch roles by reacting.


Sync bans between Plus servers of yours. Useful for networks who need quick network-wide ban support.

Buffed Gatekeeper

Unlimited options and settings for Gatekeeper which has users verify via Steam, Youtube etc by account age, bans and more.

Freeze & Thaw

When everything hits the fan and you need to mass lockdown to give yourself a chance to catch up.

And much more.

Check out our documentation for all the details you’ll need to get setup.

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