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Gaius Cicereius

Gaius CicereiusGaius Cicereius

Advanced yet simple Auto Moderation, Utilities, Welcomes, Verify plus much more.

Gaius is there for you so you can do your best with minimal effort and focus on your community.

The default prefix is: !

Gaius Play

Gaius CicereiusGaius Cicereius

Our latest bot dedicated to levels, games, colors and more!

Patreons get access to Tree Leveling on Play which allows you to make an advanced level system for your community like no other.

The default prefix is: >

Gaius Plus

Gaius Cicereius

Our Patreon bot which gives you access to Extreme Logging, Freeze & Thaw plus more

With a dedicated server, we offer 99% uptime with Plus.
Perfect for communities needing a dedicated bot.

The default prefix is: ?

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From setting up Gaius to helping with your server setup? Why not check out our Verified program and see if you're eligible!