About our Global Bans System

See why thousands of communities rely on it for protection.

Keeping you safe

How do you protect my community?

We automatically detect userbots and block them with our global ban system to prevent mass disruptions of communities around the world.

Not only that we monitor and ban malicious users ranging from raiders, NSFW spam accounts (Porn, Gore, Child Porn etc...), phishers, compromised accounts distributing malware/harmful files and much more.

How we investigate

Every mod log from Gaius Cicereius and Plus whether it's bans, kicks, anti-spam, mention spam etc is backed up to our record system securely and instantly. At any point in time should a user get flagged automatically, by our security team or by user report we can instantly pull up all records globally from the user.

This allows us to verify user reports from communities big and small that experience an attempted or successful attack with extremely high accuracy and block the malicious users instantly as well as gain data to better our security in the future.


How can I help?

Discords Terms of Service and their Guidelines outline the type of behavior don't want to see from day to day users. Anyone may report content they believe breaks Discords ToS and Guidelines to both Discord and us. When we receive reports about potentially malicious users and content, we investigate and take appropriate action.

How do I report malicious users to you myself?

From big and small communities to content creators and companies, even just a user on a server. You can report harmful users to us on Discord via our official Discord. Get in contact with Tommyfoxy2#0001 or 🍀IrishBadAss#7373 and provide us with some basic information right away.

  • Offenders userID.
  • Server name and/or ID the attack occurred in.
  • Is Gaius on the server?
  • When did it happen?
  • What did they do?


If you're in danger

If you feel you’re in physical danger or are seeing active abuse directed at you, here are some options you can take immediately.

First, contact local law enforcement right away if your life is in danger most of all.

Second, report the threat to Discord, Learn more about reporting here