Global Bans

Global Bans

A system made to keep communities all over the world safe 24/7

What is a Global Ban System?

In the case of Gaius, we have a system designed that auto-bans known malicious accounts. These people are banned for a range of reasons such as; Raiding, Spamming Gore/NSFW, Spreading malicious text or links, phishing, and other serious offenses.

When a user on the ban-list joins a server with Gaius they will be auto-banned by Gaius unless he does not have permission to, in that case, he will automatically PM the server owner notifying them of the failed auto-ban and what their offense is so they can decide what to do.

Who oversees the Global Ban System?

Tommyfoxy2#3058 manages the Global Ban system. He reviews all information available and context if possible so we can decide the best course of action for reported users. If in any case a mistake is made we will always listen to the parties involved and if needed, unban and apologize for any issues we may have caused unintentionally.

We work hard to maintain the accuracy and reputation of our system, we always accept feedback on our support server.

How do you back up your ban reasons?

Gaius automatically backs up all auto-mod logs generated by him; warns, bans, mutes, filter triggers and other modules/features by Gaius. Nothing more is copied, only what Gaius makes. If you'd like to also get a copy of every log Gaius generates you can enable local logging by doing !toggle log in the channel of your choice. Gaius will then record every log he generates there for you.

We do not share this information with anyone outside of our security team (Tommyfoxy2 & Senhara) and it is kept in secured means. We only view the information as needed. Partner servers however are monitored daily by our Security team for issues as they happen to help their staff out from behind the scenes.

How do I report someone?

Drop by our support server and get in contact with Tommyfoxy2#3058. Provide him with the server name (or ID), the user you'd like to report and why you want them reviewed. We will only accept reports if they can be backed up by Auto-mod logs generated by Gaius.

Anyone found trying to frame someone or generate fake information/reports will be barred from using Gaius and flagged as a malicious user on Gaius.

How do I appeal a global ban?

Drop by our support server and get in touch with Tommyfoxy2#3058 and he'll fairly review the ban and provide any information as needed to justify the ban.

If any mistake is found we will promptly apologize for the mishap and unban the user in question.

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