Gaius Cicereius


Cost: Free

Servers: Gaius Cicereius

Released: November 8, 2016


Run a Discord verified or partnered server?

We offer a number of features catored to keeping your community compliant with Discords requirements.

Check out the Verified Program

Why Gaius?

Moderation can be a draining task due to the workload and amount of content that needs to be handled. Why not offload to an automated solution and enjoy more quality time with your community?

Gaius offers a number of automated solutions covering all unwanted content from text to media, eg. spam or NSFW image filtering. With many other utilities and bots, there’s something for everyone.


Bringing you the latest technology designed specifically for modern communities on Discord.

Advanced Content Filtering

Covering offensive and inappropriate text, we also offer filtering for NSFW images, invites, URLs and more



With dedicated hardware, we can handle huge loads with low latency while offering vast customization for your server.


Image Scanning

Automatically delete NSFW content in your server and keep it PG-13.


Custom Commands

Create chat commands with support for custom variables.


Suggest and Reports

Allow users to suggest and report in your community to designated channels.



Have Gaius auto welcome users in chat or DM.

Standard Utilities

From mutes to warns, kicks, bans and more, we provide a standard toolkit every staff team needs to manage their community.


User Verificiation

Verify users through commands, age, avatar and connected accounts (eg. Steam, Youtube, Twitter etc.)



Everything Gaius does will be logged. Can be split across many channels.



Allow users to submit tickets to your staff team; similar to modmail.


Command Roles

Let users assign and remove roles from themselves and more.



Verify users through connected accounts eg. Steam, Youtube, Xbox etc

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