Education Program

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Email: [email protected]

Instant Acceptance:

  • Educators

If you have questions or a special situation email us.

Setup and Review

We offer educators the chance to have us in some cases setup your community server. If you already have one going we can give you a review of it going over aesthetics, usability, user-friendliness, compliance and more.

The situation

Whether we like it, our society is moving online wherever possible due to COVID-19. Discord has become an easy and simple solution for classrooms all over the world. However, due to Discord being a community-style platform this means that even when you’re offline your class may not be.

What does this mean for you as an educator?
  • Bad content can appear while you’re gone.
  • You have very few tools to manage your class.


Now the next question is, how do I maintain a classroom environment even when I’m gone? In school, the students go home at the end of the day, but on Discord, they don’t “leave” and always have access to your classroom.

Always there for you

As mentioned previously, even when you’re not there your classroom will be open and used by your class. Parents need to know that their children aren’t exposed to harmful and inappropriate content in your classroom at any given time.


Gaius provides premade and custom word filters for you to use so you don’t need to spend time thinking of every possible issue. And we also can log them for you as seen below so you always have a record of what happened while you weren’t there. 


We have a variety of features that can be set up to your needs, for example, custom commands to start classes. Creating groups for projects and classes with our Roles module.


With our Tickets module, students can create Tickets for further assistance with issues they’re having with homework so you don’t need to handle their questions via direct messages.