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From before to after

The administrators and moderators of our Discord server place a high priority on building and maintaining a welcoming and helpful community — and Gaius+ is a key moderation tool for us that helps us to achieve that end.

Most crucial to us is the reliability of the bot. We’ve been through the lot — Mee6, Dyno, Hepboat, self-hosted Nadeko and most recently Auttaja. What we found in the end is that all of these large, public bots run into the same problem — uptime and speed. We became increasingly frustrated with switching bots, trying to figure out how to set them up in ways that were somehow more confusing than the last, and eventually realizing it was no different from the bot we just abandoned. What’s the point of fancy features if the bot is too unreliable to make it enjoyable to use them?

With Gaius+, however, it’s totally different. The setup is simple, it’s extremely fast thanks to the dedicated instance for Patrons (provided, of course, the Discord API isn’t having issues) and downtime is little to none. If there are ever any issues, the developers are quick to resolve them.

Our instance of Gaius+, affectionately known as “Botty McBotface”, has been useful for protecting us from raids, automatically responding to spam, and for enabling our moderators to manage our users content and membership.

One of the most useful things we use it for is for reaction roles; we require users to acknowledge our rules before they can participate in our server and we also allow users to self-assign roles that associate them with the manufacturer(s) of their device(s).

Our team of administrators is most impressed with the configurable options for this bot: it is very easy to configure and the range of options available really lets each Discord server tune what the bot does (and doesn’t do) to perfectly fit their needs.

The automod is comprehensive and covers pretty much everything you could possibly want — bad word filters, invites and other links, spam and much more. Thanks to this, moderating has never been easier. It’s pretty much “set it and forget it” — after the initial setup, you can rest assured that even if a moderator isn’t online, the server is in good hands (perfect, of course, when you’re a partnered server enforcing the code of conduct).

Another feature we greatly appreciate is how fine-grained the logging system is. With it, we’re able to track everything from message edits and deletes to filters and other moderator actions. This makes it easy to figure out what happened after-the-fact.


We couldn’t be happier with a bot!